FBC – 399 – How to get $1,000,000 worth of education for $20?

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How to get $1,000,000 worth of education for $20?

Are you one of those people who think that education is incredibly expensive?

Let's face it, tuitions in college, especially in the US are ridiculously high.

However, there is a way for you to get the BEST POSSIBLE education on the planet for a fraction of the price?

How about getting an education worth millions for $20 or less?

It is possible… if you do this one thing

All the answers in today's episode

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When you want to read books, there are certain types of books that you need to read.

The best type of books that you should read is autobiographies, like the autobiography of, I don't know, Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos.

Something that will give you so much insight into what exactly was going on in the person's mind, the doubts, and the challenges, how they made the decisions. What they did when things were tough, the angle that they were working, you're basically able to be in the most successful people's minds and understand how they made their decision.

I told you that that's one of the skills that I heard in an interview recently. This guy said, look, I'm teaching my kids how to make decisions and this is precious. And when you are listening to or reading an autobiography, dude, you're basically picking the brain of the most successful people.

I think these are the best books that you want to kind of like read or listen to because you get so much out of it. Because, you know, I can go out and tell people about my friend Bob. He did this and then he grew up there but it's just me. It's my interpretation of Bob's life.

I wasn’t there, right? I didn't know. I don't know what Bob was thinking and the small little detail that he saw in a small company that nobody cared about and why he said, you know what, I'm going to put my money on that.

Only Bob will be able to tell you this. Right. So that's the reason why if you have time, right? You have time. So in addition to acquiring new skills, please, please, please, guys take the time to acquire a new skill or work on something that you've always wanted to work on or you started working on and then you just put it to a side.

How to get $1,000,000 worth of education for $20?

But also what I really suggest you do is pick up in an autobiography of a very successful person. OK, so again, I'm talking about business here, but it doesn't have to be business, right? Successful doesn't just mean you have created this company and that kind of stuff.

The autobiography of Mother Teresa, for example. I don't know, Nelson Mandela or something like this. Right. That will take you straight into the mind of a very successful person. And you will understand with this a few things like how they made their decisions and you can model your decisions or at least inspire or understand it and then make up your own.

But also, it will also show you that these guys didn't start necessarily with a big empire. They started like you and me, and they had their doubts, their butt kicked. They had this and they had that and they stuck with it.

I mean, it's as if you were sitting with that person for hours on end and they tell you exactly what they were thinking, how they tackled everything and how they did everything. And I think these are the ones where you're going to get the most information and the most out of it.

You decide but it is really my belief that these are going to be far more productive than any other. There's nothing wrong with reading like a novel or something. I love, for example, Agatha Christie's. Oh man, I love those books, man.

But the thing is I always suspect everybody. Then they all die. Gee, no, no, no. That's him. I suspect everybody. And then next thing you know, the killer is none of the people I suspected. But I do love these books.

But, you know, if I want to learn something, pick up an autobiography.

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