FBC – 406 – How to plan your day to set you up for success (revealed)

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How to plan your day to set you up for success (revealed).

What is the best way to organize your day to guarantee success?

Are you struggling to organize yourself and need a blueprint that will actually bring you results?

If yes, then you need to tune in to this episode and learn the most efficient way to organize your days.

This is a method that 99.9% of the population doesn't know about.

Mastering this simple trick will set you apart from the herd and help you achieve great success.

Not only business success, but success in ANYTHING you want to achieve

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I started watching a video interview of a guy who has built a very successful business. And one thing that he said in the interview and is something that I have never done myself, OK.

And this is something that a lot of people will tell you to do and maybe a lot of people have done. I had never tried it because I just didn't feel the need to. I just didn't feel that this is something I have to do. What he likes to do is have these 90 day challenges, which I've never done.

So I've never actually participated in one of those challenges. And he said, look, the way it always works for him was he actually picked up a physical calendar, and every day he was putting a big red cross on every day where he was able to do something OK, which serves as a reward for yourself.

And it's kind of like a battle against yourself. So it's actually kind of motivating. So me, I'm one of those guys I don't actually need external motivation, at least that's my understanding of who I am.

I'm going to try this for once. Because remember when I started this podcast, I said that I wanted to create a new habit and I needed 67 days. So that was my goal.

So today I decided that I was going to try to start something and I did start it. So now on my board on day one, there's a big fat X on there. The red marker that I'm going to use to like to mark those things then and I'm going to see how that goes.

OK, so some people would ask you, oh, man, how do you organize your days? This is a question that people ask quite often. What does your day look like?

OK, so here's the thing. The board that I have goes from one to ninety. On ninety there is a big star that says yep you made it.

So for me and my girlfriend, there is this challenge that we that we have to do. So she's trying to get more consistency in her efforts and stuff and be more dedicated to stuff. Well, it's the same thing that I'm trying to do. I'm trying to get to be dedicated to the goal that I set up for myself. But I am looking at the whole period of 90 days and she's looking at the individual days.

OK, so what she is doing right now is good. It's essential. But if you start with this, then you have a problem. What I'm doing is good, but if I start with this, I will still have a problem. OK, so we're both in a situation where if we start with just with this, we're going to have a problem, which is what we did.

And I'm going to tell you theoretically what you should do. OK, so you have this goal that you want to achieve, right. Let's say you’re driving from Paris to Madrid. And let's say you have a GPS and the GPS doesn't tell you what you need to do. It will just tell you the next turn.

It doesn't show you the whole map. It just tells you when the curve is, the right turn, left but you don't know what's going on afterwards. So you have to wait constantly for the GPS to give you the next move, the next direction, you have no idea about the big picture.

How to plan your day to set you up for success (revealed)

OK, so when you're asking people oh how do you organize your day?  This is not the question that you need to ask. You need to understand the secret behind how you can start, like filling these boards. You need to find a direction, a general direction. Where are you coming from and where are you going. OK, and you need to do the same thing in your life, in your goals as well.

If your goal is let's say you want to have your business in the next four years. I want a business to be completely online and I want to be able to travel and not have employees and blah, blah, blah. All right.

So that's it, this is your Madrid, OK. You know where you're going to go.

OK then you can break that down into Milestones. If this goal is four years or something, then you can basically say, well, you know, year 1, year 2, year 3 and then eventually this year. So now you have more clarity.

So these are those 90 days. It's just like if you're building a house, you know that you need to put the foundation first, then you need to put the walls, then you need to put the roof. And then afterwards you will put the furniture and blah, blah, blah, blah.

Right. So exactly. You know how it's done and what is the end result for you. This is where you can actually plan your day saying, well, this is what I have to do, because my goal for this milestone here is to put the foundation in for example, or select a platform to build my website, etc.

Then after you have set this all out, things will roll along so much easier and you will see results that will motivate you to carry on and succeed.

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