FBC – 411 – What if a kick@$$ lifestyle was actually the worst thing that could happen to you?

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What if a kick@$$ lifestyle was actually the worst thing that could happen to you?

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FBC - 411 - What if a kick@$$ lifestyle was actually the worst thing that could happen to you? 1     FBC - 411 - What if a kick@$$ lifestyle was actually the worst thing that could happen to you? 2          FBC - 411 - What if a kick@$$ lifestyle was actually the worst thing that could happen to you? 3         FBC - 411 - What if a kick@$$ lifestyle was actually the worst thing that could happen to you? 4

We all dream of a better lifestyle, with more money, more riches and more success.

Especially if we worked hard to obtain that lifestyle, it’s just a reward for all our efforts.

However, have you ever considered that a great lifestyle could actually lead you to your downfall?

I mean, seriously, who would imagine that a better lifestyle would in ANY CIRCUMSTANCE be bad for your health.

Well, it turns out that there is a dark side to this awesome lifestyle and this is what we are going to cover in today’s episode.

Enjoy the episode

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I wanted to talk to you about lifestyle. OK, so as you know, I'm all about the lifestyle and that’s what motivates me. I want you to have a lifestyle where you have a choice.

Freedom for me is just the manifestation of something that's actually a lot deeper. So it's a layer under that, which is choice. You're free because you can choose what you want to do.

If you don't have a choice, then you don't have the freedom. If they slap you in jail or something, then you don't have a choice, you know, to kind of like go out and stuff.

So I am all about the lifestyle and everything I do has to go through my lifestyle litmus test to see if it's going to impede or be conflicting with my lifestyle. OK, so the kind of lifestyle I want to talk to you about is from a different angle. OK and this is something that people don't necessarily talk to you about.

I have some friends who work hard, they will work hard to get a promotion and make more money and all that kind of stuff. But regardless how much money they make, they always end up in the same trouble and they are unable to actually save any money at all.

And while they have a great lifestyle and stuff how can you not save money? I don't understand that what happened there. And actually everything has to do with the lifestyle.

OK, so let me explain this and this is actually quite dangerous. I don't think enough people warn you about this.

What if a kick@$$ lifestyle was actually the worst thing that could happen to you?

So let's say you were working in a company. You were making two thousand dollars or something a month. And then next thing you know, you start a business and then you start making four thousand dollars that go in your pocket. Right.

So what happens very often and more often than not is that you were perfectly fine with the two thousand dollars. Right? But once you start making more, guess what happens? You start spending more. OK.

Now here's the thing. Did you work hard for it? You worked hard. So you want to reward yourself and you start spending more. So your lifestyle actually changes. From when you were an employee or something to when you have your business and stuff, your lifestyle changes.

And people change, people evolve. So I'm not expecting someone to stay exactly the same. So it's normal that people change. And depending on the kind of like the level of income that people have, then it will change. But here's the thing.

One thing that I see is a discrepancy between what you need and what you actually start buying and what you get for yourself. And please understand, I've done the same thing. Once you start getting access to money, in the beginning, you're going to blow it right. And then you come back to your senses saying, well, I need to be smarter about this, which is what I did.

But the most dangerous one and nobody tells you about it is the long term one where your lifestyle will change in the sense that everything you do will start getting a lot more expensive.

So you'll get a bigger car. You move to a bigger house, regardless if you need the house or not, then your rent is higher and then you start buying all these things with credit or whatever.

And then next thing you know, you were living perfectly fine. It's not like you were miserable or anything, but now your expenses are actually a lot higher. And it's not necessarily the problem that they're higher. If they're higher because you need that stuff, then yeah, no problem. But they're higher than what you will actually need.

Until something goes bad. There is a big recession there, something bad happens. So if you have this lifestyle that keeps getting more sophisticated, this is when you hear this guy went broke because the more money they had, the more money they were spending.

I know people who kind of blew money, right? They blew their money, but they're still trying to live that same lifestyle that they built when they had money. And this is very, very dangerous.

The message that I want to give you here is, you know, obviously you guys are going to work on your business and you're going to be successful, you know, obviously I want you to be able to celebrate it. And because this is your blood, sweat and tears that you put in there so that you're able to get the rewards right.

But once you get those rewards, I want you to please to keep in the back of your head what I just told you, that upgrading your lifestyle to some standards that you don't actually need could be very, very, very dangerous for you.

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