FBC – 414 – How To Never Ever Forget ANYTHING (Permanent memory)

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How To Never Ever Forget ANYTHING (Permanent memory).

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What if there was a workaround to remember everything?

Wouldn't that be awesome? How many times have you kicked yourself for not being able to remember something you just learned a few minutes ago.

Look, our mind is playing tricks on all of us because, for the most part, we don't actually understand how it works.

After a few years of misery and failures trying to remember stuff, I came up with a system that works like gangbusters!

It allows me to compensate for the many flaws I have in the memory field and be able to remember everything in great details.

Today, you are lucky enough to be let in on my little secret

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Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.”
– Guy Kawasaki, co-founder Alltop

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I want to talk to you about something that, for me, is critical and we very often underestimate it.

OK and this is one of the keys to your success, to the scalability and the stability of your business. So you can listen to a piece of advice that I'm going to give you and you're more than welcome to use it or not. I will really recommend that you do.

Your memory is something that we very often overestimate. There are a lot of things that you do today and you just assume that, well, I will remember, its fine. And then afterwards you are kind of screwed and you're in the situation where, I don't know, your phone died.

OK and so here's the thing. I'm not just going to tell you have a bad memory. Right. It's just that we tend to forget or decide not to do those little like things like, you know, all the preparation that that's not necessarily urgent, that you don't need to do it right now.

But it's very important. OK, so right now it doesn't necessarily make sense. But let's say, for example, documenting stuff. Right. It's not urgent. I'll do it later. Right. And then next thing you know, you don't remember. And now you're screwed.

OK, and all these things with your mind, with your memory, just like extra steps that you have to take, kind of sucks. Nobody wants to do this, but this is where the success is waiting for you.#

How To Never Ever Forget ANYTHING (Permanent memory)

This is why, for example, repetition is so important. So right now, I'm going through a course of Python. I'm learning Python. And what I do is before starting a new lesson, I go back to the previous lesson to the first very first lesson, and I try to run all these commands that I've learned up until now.

OK, so as basic as they are, you know, the first commands that the guy showed up to move between folders is to rename a file, to move a file, to delete the file. All these little things. I make sure that I go back and I do them. So why do you do this?

The reason why I do this is because of how our brain is wired and how our brain works. OK, your brain is configured to discard everything that you don't use. If you don't use it, it's not important.

OK, so this is why you learn something. You just you do it only once and then that's it, it’s gone. You don't remember how it was. You learned it like two months ago.

And the reason why your brain does this is because it's actually trying to save space for what actually matters to you, the really important stuff.

And it's really fascinating how if something is not important, it will go away very, very fast. If something is important, it will stay in your memory potentially forever.

Do you remember the phone number of when you were 10 or something? I'm pretty sure you do. And you remember that address because that was important for you. It was vital for you to know where you live and you had to go there every day. You had to do a lot of stuff with it.

So your brain has stored this information in the long term memory, like the permanent memory. OK, it is fascinating stuff that you can remember and stuff that you can't.

How To Never Ever Forget ANYTHING (Permanent memory)

Why am I telling you this, that this stuff.

So what I want you is, so let's say you're in my situation, you are learning some code or something, right? And you don't know how that works. And, you know, someone is good at it. So you ask that person, say, hey, buddy, Bob, can you please help me out? How does that work? I do understand and Bob will actually explain.

OK, so when Bob explains, what I want you to do is straight away you you're going to listen to the explanation of how Bob did it and then you're going to do it straight away. OK, don't waste any time thinking I'm going to do it tomorrow. I'm going to do it next month. Do it now. You redo it. You want to see that result, that positive result.

And the next step is very important. What I you want to do is that you want to do this again, even though you just did it. Because the first time it was trial trials and error. So you failed a few times in there. Oh, yeah. OK, I got it right. This is how it works.

So now what you want to do is to record yourself doing this. Record a video for my future self because I know that the Martin is going to forget this in six months if he doesn't use it right for now until he comes up with some system to remember and retain information better.

Martin is probably going to face this in six months, in a year or something. And here's how you help him. It’s a great way to help retain that important information that will build the foundation of your business.

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