FBC – 442 – THESE people will cause your demise… get rid of them FAST

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THESE people will cause your demise… get rid of them FAST

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FBC - 442 - THESE people will cause your demise... get rid of them FAST 1     FBC - 442 - THESE people will cause your demise... get rid of them FAST 2          FBC - 442 - THESE people will cause your demise... get rid of them FAST 3         FBC - 442 - THESE people will cause your demise... get rid of them FAST 4

Some people are just toxic. It's just the way it is.

Toxic people have one goal in life: making YOUR life as miserable as theirs and they'll stop at nothing to make this happen.

Your job, if you want to keep your sanity, is to identify those people and GET RID OF THEM

in today's episode, we are going to talk about a specific group that seems to be the hardest to get rid of… for the reasons that we are going to cover in the episode

Make sure to tune in because this can and will save you a lot of hassle in life

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”
– Walt Disney, founder Disney

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FBC - 442 - THESE people will cause your demise... get rid of them FAST 10

So one thing that a lot of people don't think about is how much abuse and how much nonsense you're willing to take from a client. OK, so you all heard the saying that the client is king. The customer is always right. So you probably heard this.

And you're probably in an environment where your management is pushing that forward, where whatever the client says, even if the client's completely unreasonable, then you have to do it, then you have to put up with it. OK, so that's probably something that you have to do.

Well, it sucks, so if you want my opinion, the customer is not always right, you know, so there are times where the customer is completely unreasonable and the problem is not necessarily your client. It will be your management pushing the idea in your head.

And if push comes to shove and there is a problem with a client, then you are the one who's actually going to be penalised. So I've seen that happening a few times.

I don't understand, like management who will penalize the staff members for this. So, you know, it happens very often. You know, again, as I said in restaurants you have these people who are really obnoxious clients who think that they can say and do whatever it is that they want.

They wouldn't do that at their house or even in their country. But they come where you are and they give you a lot of abuse. OK, I'm not down with this. I don't like altercations with people, but I do like respect, you know, so it's very important that you decide how much abuse you're willing to take from the client.

For you, for your sanity, for your self-respect and even for your business, you need to get rid of those people. OK, so why am I telling you this?

I'm telling you this because today I had this client. It's one of those things where one thing that I value and that I really like in people is the intellectual honesty and the intellectual dishonesty. I hate the intellectual dishonesty. So what do I mean by this is?

So today I get a call from one of my coworkers and stuff from the business that we started saying, oh, we're in panic mode. This client wants to leave and they want us to remove our device because he feels like nobody's taking care of him and we don't care about the guy and he wants to leave.

He never had any training and blah, blah, blah. He's yelling, The guy demands that we go to his establishment and give him a training. So now you have to hear the background story.

THESE people will cause your demise… get rid of them FAST

First of all everybody knows there is a pandemic out there. People are dying. Some dude for some reason wants me to leave the comfort of my own house where I'm safe, the three hundred thirty six thousand people died and go give him a training.

So that's  the first thing. Now, the other thing when the client called and made a big fuss, he was basically saying, oh, nobody's taking care of me, you guys suck. I want this service out of my life and blah, blah, blah. So people are scrambling and fighting to keep that client.

Now, here's the history with the client. When he first signed up, I said, Mr. Client, we have a training where I'm going to teach you how to use the tool. Please show up to training. Here is the date and time. Please come. My training happened. Mr. Client didn't show up, I had to call him, saying, dude, are you coming? Oh, no, I didn't come. And I'm like, well, I noticed.

Then I called the guy again, said, yeah, you missed the training last time. There are other sessions I can do on Fridays and stuff which might work for you. Mr. Client says, Oh, I'm busy right now. I'm working on this and blah, blah, blah.

And I said nicely, well, you know what? If you're busy and everything, I will try to accommodate you. I will come to your office and I will give you the training there. When is it possible? Oh, you can come at that date. Fine. Perfect.

I get there. It is this place of business. I wait for the guy for like half an hour. The guy doesn't show up. So I leave, I contact the guy, I said, well, dude, I was at your office, where were you? I was at the barbershop. Are you serious?

So I said, look. Well, here it is, Mr. Client. I have recorded all the content of the training in this video. So here's the link. And you can go through the training at your base because obviously you have a lot of interruptions you can do it at your own pace.

Two months later, someone from the company starts yelling, oh, we need to save this client because he still  doesn't have the training. He's threatening to leave us. And I'm like, what? Seriously? So I contacted the guy. I said, look, we have a new office. When can you come out of a session? We can organize it on Friday, either at 9:00 or 10:00. What's better for you, depending on your schedule?

I go there on Friday at 9am. You can imagine how happy I am to be in an office, first of all, corporate offices and at 9am because usually I'm still sleeping. So I get there. Mr. Client doesn't show up.

He doesn’t call me or anything to tell me that he doesn't come.

So after that, I said, look, I updated the videos with the new stuff. Please go through the training there because it seems to be very hard to get you to a training.

A month later, someone starts yelling in the company, the client is moaning, they want to leave us because he doesn't know how to do training. So I'm like. What I mean, how hard is it? What's the problem? Oh, I click on the link, I get on this page. So there is a page, there's one button, there's one box. There's one box that says start the training.

So at that point my partners told me I need to go there today or tomorrow to save the client and give him a training. And I said, no, no, that's it.

So we need in this company to agree on the amount of shit that we're going to get from a client. Sorry for the language, but this is ridiculous. So this for me is intellectual dishonesty. And these are the last people I want to deal with on this planet.

My main problem now is that people in my company are willing to put up with that kind of stuff. So obviously, they didn't have all the background story, which I gave them. So hopefully we're all on the same page that we need to get rid of that client. If he wants to leave, please leave.

So what does that tell you? Because people just look at the situation right now saying, oh, yeah, but still, he is a client, he's well-connected and stuff. I don't care. He can know the president. He can know the Dalai Lama. If he's unreasonable, I'm not going to deal with him.

That's the last thing I want in my life, is to deal with people like this.

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