FBC – 457 – He made 120 Million dollars and then did THIS…

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He made 120 Million dollars and then did THIS…

Hello guys,

I just released this… And you are going to love it

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FBC - 457 - He made 120 Million dollars and then did THIS... 1     FBC - 457 - He made 120 Million dollars and then did THIS... 3          FBC - 457 - He made 120 Million dollars and then did THIS... 5         FBC - 457 - He made 120 Million dollars and then did THIS... 7

Ok the title is a little clickbaity I must admit hehe

Still, this is one of the most unbelievable stories that you will ever hear and it's worth your time…

You will hear about a destiny like no other of a man who had everything and still did the unexpected

There is a moral to this whole story and you will discover it by tuning in

All the details can be found in today's episode.

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”
-Jim Rohn

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Listen To It On Your Favorite Platform:
FBC - 457 - He made 120 Million dollars and then did THIS... 9     FBC - 457 - He made 120 Million dollars and then did THIS... 11  FBC - 457 - He made 120 Million dollars and then did THIS... 13         FBC - 457 - He made 120 Million dollars and then did THIS... 15


FBC - 457 - He made 120 Million dollars and then did THIS... 17

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FBC - 457 - He made 120 Million dollars and then did THIS... 18

I finished watching a documentary that I started yesterday. And this documentary is about a former NBA player, called Penny Hardaway, and he used to play for the Orlando Magic.

So throughout his career, because he was that big, he was able to sign a huge contract and stuff. So the guy made like more than 100 million dollars, something like that. OK, so he was set for life. Well, you never know with athletes, but I think he was careful enough.

One of his childhood friends with whom he used to play basketball when he was, I don't know, 15 or something like that, called him one day. The guy was in the hospital. So he goes there and he realizes that his buddy is in the hospital undergoing chemo. He was really sick and stuff. And he at his lowest.

And he said, look, I'm coaching this basketball team with these kids from the town where we used to play together, where we're from. I'm in charge of these kids, they're life and making sure that they go home safely, that they don't end up in gangs.

I'm teaching them the kind of like discipline and all the values that you can get through basketball and stuff and playing together, sticking up for one another and all that kind of stuff. And these kids were everything to him, right?

And so, yes, he said, look, do you mind, you know, because I'll be a little bit weak and stuff. Do you mind coming like tomorrow and helping me out with the training and stuff?

So he went there, you know, Penny went there and met the kids and stuff, and he knew that his friend didn't have much time to live and he really wanted to do this. And so, you know, Penny, who actually I mean, the guy made more like one hundred million dollars, right. He left everything else and he focused on these kids.

So he was the assistant coach and, you know, they were coaching together for a middle school. Can you imagine this? And then his friend, I think in 2015 or something like that, his friend died. He passed away because he had colon cancer or something and he passed away.

So he was he was never able to see the end of his dream, which was getting these kids to the national to win the championships in high school. And I mean, Penny was obviously devastated that he died. But he was dedicated to honour his friend and his memory.

He stuck around as the coach of the team just by himself. And he promised that he will fulfil the vision and the dream of his friend.

He made 120 Million dollars and then did THIS…

So long story short, he was able to do it. But, you know, understand, this is someone who didn't need the money. He wasn't doing that for the money. He was doing that for the passion and because of his friend. And then you get attached to the kids and everything.

It's a beautiful story, honestly.

But the real commitment and where you see people's character is how much time they actually invest and give to the cause. And it teaches you something, you know, it teaches you something about that person, but it teaches you something about you as well, you know, because I mean, time is you know, it's one of those things that it's gone.

You can't have it back. All right. And this is something that you keep it for yourself, you reserved for yourself, and you can't even imagine how grateful people are and how much good you can do when you devote your time to other people.

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