FBC – 461 – Reality check – You are a victim of this too (you just forgot about it)

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Reality check – You are a victim of this too (you just forgot about it).

Hello Freedom enthusiasts,

I just released this… And you are going to love it

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FBC - 461 - Reality check - You are a victim of this too (you just forgot about it) 1     FBC - 461 - Reality check - You are a victim of this too (you just forgot about it) 2          FBC - 461 - Reality check - You are a victim of this too (you just forgot about it) 3         FBC - 461 - Reality check - You are a victim of this too (you just forgot about it) 4

What if I told you that someone is controlling your every moves and directing your life?

Alright this is not a conspiracy theory. These are facts that for whatever reason we end up forgetting or disregarding.

Today I want to tell you about a reality check that clearly illustrates the shackles that you and I are forced to live with.

Obviously, there are ways to get those shackles of your feet and start leaving freely. The first step however, is realizing that they are there.

It all sounds super mysterious but you will understand when you listen to today's episode

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Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”
-Jim Rohn

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FBC - 461 - Reality check - You are a victim of this too (you just forgot about it) 5     FBC - 461 - Reality check - You are a victim of this too (you just forgot about it) 6  FBC - 461 - Reality check - You are a victim of this too (you just forgot about it) 7         FBC - 461 - Reality check - You are a victim of this too (you just forgot about it) 8


FBC - 461 - Reality check - You are a victim of this too (you just forgot about it) 9

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FBC - 461 - Reality check - You are a victim of this too (you just forgot about it) 10

It is a reminder of something that's super important and that you need to understand.

So on these social platforms, the advantage is that you don't have to be physically present next to those people to be able to interact with them, and they're designed by default to help you connect with a lot of people and create communities and stuff, right.

So they're very, very useful tools that will help you find the right people. They are developed to help you find the right people, the people you want by filters or hashtags and interest and all that kind of stuff, you know, so these platforms are they're really, really good.

And you should definitely use it. But one thing is sometimes I talk to people and they seem to forget. I think that once you start getting hooked to these things, then you start forgetting the obvious, you know.

For example, swimming. When you swim in the ocean, it is really cool to go out and swim in the ocean and all that kind of stuff. You go snorkelling, and, you know, at some point you kind of forget that, dude, we're not marine creatures, right?

The ocean is dangerous. People die in there. There are sharks there, all sorts of animals and stuff. It's not our element. But just because you get comfortable in it and you kind of get used to it, then you forget the obvious.

And this is how accidents happen. And it's the same thing about the social platforms. These social platforms are great. But there is one thing that you need to understand is that while these are social platforms, this is not your platform, you know, on the platform, and you can't do what you want on the platform.

OK, we tend to forget this very often. The fact that, look, it's not your platform, OK? You talk to people, they'll tell you, yes, my Facebook account, my Instagram account, blah, blah, blah. And my Instagram account, which, you know, it's kind of like yours, right? People just assume that mine means mine.

I can do what I want. I can say what I want. You know, if I die, they're going to bury me with my Instagram account. This is what people have in their mind. And, you know, it is it is easy to kind of like forget about this very essential fact, the notion, you know, if everything goes well, you start getting comfortable, very comfortable.

Reality check – You are a victim of this too (you just forgot about it)

So now my point is that today I’ve been testing something. So someone recommended me to try a strategy and I'm trying that strategy on their platform. It's a French platform. It's like five euros. OK, so it's like Fiverr. It's the same thing.

They just copied the whole thing and just they put it in French, OK? And I wanted to try something and see how that works. And so I went there and I created a gig. Everything was going smoothly. So I go in there, I create a gig and then there is a moderation team and these people said you can't have eBooks.

So I was like, damn, OK.

So I removed it. It was easy. I did it. So this morning I woke up and did another one. Then I received a notification from the moderation team. No, you cannot say this and you need to change this image and then you need to change this.

And oh, you cannot say that the technique is yours. This is a secret technique or something and blah, blah, blah, all sorts of crap that drives me nuts.

And this just reminds me, and this is what I want to remind you of, is that these platforms are not your platforms. You can't do any everything you want. You can't, it sucks, especially for someone like me, like me being able to do something. Once it's done, just leave me alone. And obviously you have to go back and change stuff and then, oh, are you happy now? Can you please put my stuff in there?

Yeah. You also it's the same thing with your Instagram, the same thing with your Facebook and stuff. You know, someone can decide you cannot do this, you can't do that. You need to do this thing to do that. Right. So, you know, we all know that there is one place that you control.

There are many places that you control. For example, your website. If you have your website, if you have your blog, you can say what you want in there. You can say pretty much what you want. Nobody is going to come and take it down. I mean, unless you are doing something super shady, the FBI is after you and all that kind of stuff, otherwise it's your place.

You don't have to wait a few hours to put something because there are too many people posting and you can say what you want, you can do what you want and you can put the image you want in all that kind of stuff.

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