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My Honest Expert Secrets Review:

All right guys so today I want to talk to you about this book called Expert Secrets.

This book is absolutely awesome. I love it.

As you probably know, some books can change your life! Well, my life was changed by a book called “The Four Hour Work Week” written by Tim Ferriss.

This was the book that actually led to everything I'm doing today. The reason is simple: It gave me the ideas and shattered all my limiting beliefs about what’s possible or not. Tim Ferriss’ book inspired me to start my entrepreneurship journey and, then I found Expert Secrets.

This book is it's just simply wonderful. And I recommend everybody wants to start a business, or change their life, to read this book.

Expert Secrets was written by Russell Bronson the creator of a software company called Clickfunnels. If you are in the internet marketing space, there is no way you haven’t heard of Clickfunnels.

So why is this book that good anyway? And why do I think you should read it?

The first reason is that Russell Bronson’s specialty is to transform complex structures or concepts into something very simple.

That's what he did with Clickfunnels. Thanks to Russell, today, instead of having to pay a developer a whole lot of money to build a website, can just create funnels, just like that, from the comfort of your home.

He did the exact same thing in his book Expert Secrets. So it's very easy to read and it's also newbie-friendly. So you don't need to be a guru or whatever to be able to read it. It’s designed so that anybody can read it, regardless of their technical level.

So that's the first reason why I really encourage you to read it, regardless if you're an expert or not. The title says expert but it's not for established experts. On the contrary!

The aim of the book is to teach you how you can become an expert.

So with that said here are the main takeaways from this book:

The first thing you're going to learn is how to find your voice…

So what does that mean?

It's basically going to teach you how you can turn anything (like a passion or hobby) into a reality.

Regardless of what you're doing right now, whether you're an expert at knitting or tennis teacher, this book will help you transform that passion into a reality.

I know what you are thinking but here’s the good news: It doesn't necessarily have to be something I.T. related. It can be just about anything.

Expert Secrets will provide you with a simple structure to turn your current hobby into a structured business.

Finding your voice basically means you finding your message. Regardless of what the field is, you will be able to find the terms that your target audience will respond to.

The next step is going to be: Building a movement.. which means that people are going to start following you.

This book teaches you exactly how you can do that. You will become the leader of that community that you identified in the first step (finding your voice).

I don't want it to reveal too much of the book and spoil you.

It’s a real pleasure to read this book so I really encourage you to get it.

Not it's not my book I haven't written it. It's a book that changed a lot of things in my life and in my business.

When the first one gave me the courage to go out and try, this one gave me the structure I needed to execute properly.

Click on this link and it's going to take you to the page where you can get this book.

Now there is one thing. So this is the physical copy. You're going to get this free book. You just have to pay for shipping which is awesome. Right?

For a book of this quality, I would sell it for hundreds of dollars but you get it for free.

You just have to pay shipping and handling. It's a good deal.

Me for example, I have a hard time like reading hard copies.

You can actually get the audio version of it that will be sent with the original book so you can listen to it on your way to work. If you're an audio person just like me, I really recommend you will invest in the audio as well.

All right. Here is the link again and make sure to get your FREE copy.

I don't promote a lot of books unless I've written the book haha.

But there are two books that I really encourage you to read.

First one is the 4-hour work Week and Expert Secrets.

So with that said I'll see you guys on the other side just get the book. You don't have to pay for the book!  You just cover shipping and handling (which is an absolutely good deal).

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