FBC – 335 – Introvert Or Extrovert? Which one are you?

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Introvert Or Extrovert? Which one are you?

Today we are going to talk about two major traits that define pretty much the whole global population.

– Which one are you?

– Which one is better?

– Is it all bad OR there is more to them?

All the answers inside this episode.

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I wanted to tell you about a subject that I guess half the population on this planet is concerned with.  It’s the difference between introverts and extroverts.

I have a good friend of mine here in Bali and we will go play basketball together on Mondays. It's just the two of us and we just do some drills and just talk a little bit, you know, once in a while. But we're in our own bubble. We just do our shots and stuff that we could actually do by ourselves. But we just do stuff together.

And I started asking her. I was like, well, are you an introvert? And she was like, yeah, I'm an introvert. And I was like, oh, were you shy before. And she was telling me some of the stuff that she used to do, which sounds a lot like what I used to do, because if you've been following me from the beginning, then you know that stuff.

I thought I was the shyest person on this planet. But by talking with her, I realized that, well, someone was kind of matching me right there, you know? And yeah, we started talking about different aspects of being introverted or extroverted and actually in many different fields that will actually kind of help.

So, for example, we both need to be alone at some point during the day. We can't function. I cannot function. If I have people around me the whole day, I can't. A good friend of mine, he's the opposite, like, oh, man, I need people. I can't stay by myself, me. I need my time alone. I love people to death. But at the end of the day, I need my time alone.

And she's the same. People think it's a disadvantage, right? So if you're shy, for example, and I think a lot of shy people might be introverts. I don't know if there's a direct correlation. But I think you take it as some sort of curse or something. Right. But there are always two sides to the coin, why people are introverts.

Generally speaking, we'll get very, very good at listening and analysing situations. The reason is very simple. I'm just I'm just going to take my example. When I was younger, I needed to figure out when I could intervene in a conversation. When I thought I will add some value. And what I was going to say.

So I had to listen carefully and plan the right time for me to go in there. And, you know, while we were talking, I was explaining to her and she was laughing because apparently she was doing the same thing. It was so bad for me that I was actually planning my next day, every night. When I was going to bed, I had this scenario of what's going to happen tomorrow.

If Bob says this, then maybe I can say that. If Susan says this, maybe I can say that. It will consume you, that kind of stuff, you know was it was bad. You know, I was very shy.

But still, it taught me some stuff, you know, the contingency plans and stuff. It's a reflex. It's not it's not like I have to think too much about it. This is how I function. This is how I survived. I was creating contingency plan after contingency plan. So I was pretty much predicting every possible outcome, and if that happened, I wouldn't panic.

Introvert Or Extrovert? Which one are you?

But that helped me a lot in what I'm doing today. Where people make mistakes and stuff is when they start panicking because something unexpected happened. Whereas in my case, dude, I had planned for pretty much everything. So if it happened, I kind of knew how to deal with it.

But also, as I was saying, you know, you get very good at listening and analysing stuff and paying attention to details and stuff.

Well in recent years, I think it's become the opposite. I'm oblivious to everything. I don't notice any details or whatever because you can train your brain to do stuff. Right. And right now, I'm very focused on what I love, you know, my business and stuff like that. I'm very focused on that.o my brain is basically now choosing what's interesting and what's not interesting and all these like tiny little details that people notice, I don't notice them.

My brain is busy thinking about stuff. My brain is always busy thinking about something, you know, about a plan, about something like that. So I don't have time for details. And so this attention to details that I had before, it's gone.

I don't really worry too much about the rest, but it was really fascinating for me to talk to her and realize that she was going through the same thing I was going through when I was younger.

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