FBC – 339 – Short update

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Short update.

Today will be a very quick episode because of health related issues

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Hey, guys, how's it going today? Welcome to this new episode of your favourite podcast. So this is episode three hundred and thirty nine and this is your host, Martin. All right, guys. So today is the weekend, this Friday for me, it's my weekly session of basketball with the kids. And, uh, well, I had to actually miss the session. And, yeah, that's the reason why this podcast is going to be quite short today.

I've had a really, really sharp pain in my chest right where the heart is, you know, so it's not the best. So I decided to go to the hospital today just to have it checked out and to make sure there is nothing serious. So it's supposed to be something like a muscular pain or something like that. Like an inflammation. So it's not the heart itself.

So there's nothing wrong with the heart. And so they gave me some meds and everything and I have to come back if the pain doesn't go away. But it kind of sucks. It was bugging me before when I was touching it only. But it's like it's very specific and regionalised. Right. So it's actually hurts quite a lot.

It kind of sucks when I do a lot of movement. So right now I'm lying down, for example, and even then when I do a few movements, it kind of sucks. So I have some painkillers and muscle relaxants or something like anti-inflammatory and I'll see how that goes.

Short update

And they actually make me pretty drowsy. I want to sleep and stuff. So for this reason it's going to be a very, very short podcast. That's all I will have for today, hopefully in the next couple of days it will get better.

If there is one place where I don't want to feel weird pain is right above your heart. So that's pretty much it. Guys, I will see you in the next episode. Hopefully things get better and I wish you guys a very good weekend.

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