FBC – 88 – Thrive OR Struggle? You choose…

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Thrive OR Struggle? You choose…

Today we are going to discuss the simple mechanism that can increase your chances of thriving and changing your life. This is a SIMPLE mechanism and yet so effective. answers inside.

I wanted to talk to you about something that I heard from a motivational speaker. He said something that I think it’s very true and he said that everything you do will push you towards or away from your goals. OK. And the lesson here is that there is no middle ground.

So just for you to understand the difference between people who are going to make it in anything, not just business.  The people who go that extra inch every day and are going to take the time to invest in themselves or to take one step forward towards their goal, are the ones who were who have a better chance of making it.

You know like all these athletes that you see are the guys who were the first ones in the gym and the last ones to leave. They were training when the lights were out and when everybody is tired and everybody's resting or everybody's a little bit hurt. They were there and they were pushing one inch at a time.

You spend that one extra hour putting in the effort for something you want, doesn’t seem like much at the time, or that extra 10 minutes, but when you compound that over time, this will aggregate and it will drive you towards whatever it is that you want to do.

There is a little bit of grey area right. I will add to what Calvin, the motivational speaker said. If you take the time to rest because you need to recharge your batteries, it doesn't push you away from your goal. It's just you know, you take a step back to leap further. Because you need this, you need to rest your brain and you need to take the time to empty your head so that you can strategize better.

Your objective is getting from point A to point B. But are your actions going to take you to a point minus A or point B?  So imagine you start at zero. So you want to go to 1 and not minus 1. So if you decide to stay in front of the TV, it's not going to point you in the right direction depending on what you're looking at as well.

Thrive OR Struggle? You choose…

But, if you're watching something like a super interesting documentary about how entrepreneurs handle this or that situation, then yeah of course it's helping you relax a little bit and it will help you move forward, but if you're watching something completely irrelevant to your goal, it is pulling you away from your goal.

If you're supposed to train and you decide not to, then it's not taking you towards your goals. It’s taking you away from your goal unless of course you know your body needs to rest because your body actually needs to rest then in that case yes it is. Because if you overdo it then you might get hurt and all that stuff.

But anyway so the there is no like set answer. So when you do something, ask yourself if this is pushing you towards your goal. Okay. If you do this, then it's one step closer to your goal. And you know compounded those like five minutes here and there then you know at the end of the year when you think about it, you made some great progress.

Sometimes I will push myself to finish a task that I need to because it takes me towards my goal. So this is this is how you need think and how you need to approach that.

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