FBC – 380 – The REAL key to long lasting success revealed

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Are you looking for the key to long lasting success?

What if it was possible to crack the code and finally understand how to reproduce it?

In today's episode, I am going to reveal something I have never told you about success.

If you understand the very simple element, and more importantly, what to do when it manifests, you will become unstoppable.

Make sure to tune in to today's episode. You really don't want to miss this one

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So if you've been following me for a long time, you remember maybe one of my first podcasts, about the question that people ask themselves, when you buy something, whatever the product is, you're going to ask yourself one question, which is what's in it for me?

People are not interested in, well, what's in it for you? Oh, I'm going to make a thousand bucks when you buy this right. There's no way you're going to sell that to someone. Very often people, they focus on stuff that doesn't really matter.

You should focus on telling people what's in for them, what they're going to get out of it. This is easier said than done because the tendency that we have is that we are going to focus on the attributes of the product instead of focusing on the benefits of the product.

The attributes will be like the nitty gritty. If I'm trying to sell you a like a car. And I'm like, oh, this car has so much horsepower and the engine uses, I don't know, this particular gas and the transmission is X, Y, Z, three hundred and five and the tires are 16 inches, blah, blah, blah, you know, stuff like this.

OK, so that's one way of selling you the car. The other way of selling your car is just, you know, I don't care how many cylinders or something are in there. What I want to learn is, oh, this car will take you and your kids on holiday. Or the ride to the beach will be enjoyable and you'll be able to have the sun in your face because it’s convertible.

OK, so I don't care about the mechanism that's controlling the convertible thing. People might actually tell you a lot about it, but you don't care. What you want to know is what it's going to do for you in terms of your lifestyle.

The REAL key to long lasting success revealed

Right. So a brand that does this very well is Apple, right?

So Apple came to dominate the MP3 market. But they're not the ones who invented, you know, like the music and all that kind of stuff. Far from it. There were a lot of different brands who had far better products and with a lot more memory and stuff.

Now, here's the thing. Apple, they like to do everything on in their specific format, so you have to use the product. MP3 player companies were telling you all about how much memory there is and then the sound is this quality megahertz and all sorts of different things like this.

Whereas Apple, when they came out with the iPod, the only thing they said was “a thousand songs in your pocket”. And that's what people needed to know.

The reason why I'm saying this is because you have two ways of presenting things, right. So obviously, you want to make sure to have the presentation that will tell people something that sounds like a thousand songs in your pocket, which is a lot more convincing for people.

They can relate more to that.  But that's not the only thing, because people think that once you do this, then people will believe you and all that kind of stuff. It does help. But there are some other elements and I haven't spoken about this this one element that I'm going to tell you about today.

So after this, you need to show them some results. That greatly helps. If you have results, people are more inclined to go and buy the product from you.

So my point is that you can say what you want to people, you can show them as many results as possible and stuff, but at the end of the day, the ultimate catalyst is when people see their first success.

OK, when people see their first success, regardless how much it is. I've seen people celebrating. They made their first two dollars on the Internet. They've been trying forever. This is when they start believing and understand that they can actually do it.So I don't know if you guys if you've ever sold anything online or anything, but that first sale that you get is insane. It's crazy. It doesn't matter. I mean, it could be a dollar, right? I've seen people jump up and down man.

If people see you jumping up and down they're going to be like, dude, it's just a freaking dollar. Why are you jumping up and down? It's because these people don't know it. They haven't been through the process. OK, this is where the real transformation happens, when you get that very first result.

OK, it will give you the energy and the certainty, the conviction that it works. Because if you have that certainty, what you're going to do is that you're actually going to improve it, dig into your potential, and put the necessary actions in place.

And then because you put in the actions, then it works again, which boosts your confidence and then you're going to go at it. So this is when you gain momentum, right? This gives you momentum. And momentum is incredibly powerful and incredibly, incredibly important.

OK, so remember, the first experience is what you need, so you want to take them to a result, as small as it is, you know, as soon as possible, so that afterwards it builds the momentum and then you can capitalize on.

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