FBC – 423 – Want to live a life of regrets? Then do this

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Want to live a life of regrets? Then do this..

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Today I want to tell you about one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your life that can cost you your happiness forever.

Too many people fall for this trap and end up living a life of misery and regrets.

In this episode, you are going to discover how one simple decision, that appears meaningless, can actually negatively impact the rest of your life.

Obviously, we are also going to talk about what you should do instead so that you can live happily ever after

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Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over.”
– Richard Branson, founder Virgin Group

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Let me just explain something. At university in France, we had three diplomas in the first four years. So after two years, you have a diploma. After the third year, you get a diploma.

So I knew someone when I was in first year of university and he was in second year. And so that was maybe three months before the final exams. He decided that, you know what, I don't like this.

I want to stop my studies and I want to go work and I was like, dude, honestly, I don't think it's a great idea to do this, there are three months left, right. Just finish those three months and get your diploma and then go do it if you want to. But at least finish those three months.

So on one end, obviously, you know, you can make the argument that. Yeah, well, if it's if it's something that you really don't like, why should you stick around and go through the misery and stuff like that?

But on the other hand, for me it was a little bit silly to stop three months from the final exam. So if you still have, like, five years to go, then I understand, man. You know what? I want to get away and stuff. But if it was three months, I just thought it was it was kind of a waste, you know, not to do those three months.

So eventually, he decided that he didn't want to wait, so he packed his stuff and moved to Paris. So he went to the big city and started working in those call centres.

So obviously for two or three years while I was at university, he was making more than me. Right, because I was still on the scholarship and I had to do work part time and all that kind of stuff. And, you know, life was great. But, you know, here's the thing.

The thing is that after this, yes. You go out and you start earning more money than me faster. But the problem is that because of that lack of diplomas and stuff, there is a very, very high chance that you're actually going to get stuck at this level for pretty much ever. Right.

Because that profession that you're in. Yeah, it's impossible for you to double your salary and multiply it by ten, whereas, you know, it might take me maybe three or four years before I actually get to the job market. But at that point, my salary might be like double or triple what it is that you're making.

Want to live a life of regrets? Then do this..

And this is a problem that I see with the other people. They're just too impatient to go out and start earning money and they'll start earning money now, not realizing the long term ramifications of this decision. And then afterwards, it's the same people that you'll hear complain.

Oh, why does this person make more than me? It's unfair and all that kind of stuff. So the point I'm trying to make here is this.

So it's a very famous quote and the quote is….. “If I'm given three hours to chop down a tree, I will spend the first two hours sharpening the saw or the blade, where some people will just go at it”.

So this image of sharpening the sword or the axe or something, whatever you want to call it, is for me the equivalent of your mind.

Because in that example that that I've just given you, I did take more time to stay at university, learn some more, learn some more processes and a way to think and kind of like build up my expertise and my knowledge and all that kind of stuff, which actually made me a more efficient weapon.

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