FBC – 428 – How boredom can get you in serious trouble

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How boredom can get you in serious trouble.

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FBC - 428 - How boredom can get you in serious trouble 1     FBC - 428 - How boredom can get you in serious trouble 2          FBC - 428 - How boredom can get you in serious trouble 3         FBC - 428 - How boredom can get you in serious trouble 4

Are you bored our of your mind during these difficult times?

I mean we are forced to stay at home and can't leave the house like we normally do… Because of that millions of people experience boredom.

Many don't understand the ramifications of boredom and this is what we are going to discuss in this episode.

How can boredom be detrimental to your career, your employees or your business if you are an entrepreneur?

It doesn't matter who you are, boredom is going to affect you at one point or another of your life and you need to be prepared to make the best decisions possible

more details in today's episode

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you.”
-Jim Rohn

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FBC - 428 - How boredom can get you in serious trouble 9

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FBC - 428 - How boredom can get you in serious trouble 10

I heard that boredom was defined by some people as the discrepancy between how we're built in terms of how nature built us and how quickly civilization as evolved, not giving enough time for nature to kind of like adapt.

And this is why a lot of people get bored. Some of you guys may be bored out of your mind saying, oh, man, I’ve had enough of being at home and all that kind of stuff.

So if it's you, then then, yeah, just to show you, the ramifications of boredom in entrepreneurship and a lot of different things.

So boredom on the employee level. So let's say you're in this company and you have a task to do. So you need to first learn the task and then do it for a while. But then at a certain point it starts becoming very repetitive.

Something that you were really passionate about can become a drag if after a few years or something, it’s not challenging or anything anymore. So maybe some of you have gone through that and you kind of like start hating your job.

When the boredom sets in, you know, people start looking elsewhere. I need some change. I need to change my career or something like this. Or they become sporadic. They call in sick. They're not motivated. They're not motivating other people as well in the in the company, like one bad Apple.

So this is why in your company, if you do have a company or something like this or if you're managing some sort of department, then you need to give them some perspective of evolution, being able to move up, down, sideways or something like this just to avoid the disastrous effects of boredom.

Once people start getting bored and some people get bored very easily, you know, then there is a good chance that it might not last.

So remember that I told you that you have to have performers and then you have creators. It's very hard to find someone with both. And one of the things that creators will be more likely to experience is boredom, because creators need to create stuff.

You know, they cannot settle too much for something that’s static and that doesn't move. And so from a business perspective, what can happen is for example, you have this business and the business is actually working. It's working really well.

You put some processes in place and everything. And at some point then it's just the same thing every single day, you know, in your mind. Boredom is going to happen. So you just need to manage it correctly.

How boredom can get you in serious trouble.

So if you have a business right now, you're setting things up for the long haul and you might get there. Please remember this. You will get bored at some point. And the biggest mistake that you can make is this.

You just go and seek something else, oh, let me go and do this. When people do this they will completely neglect the first business that they created because I not it's not exciting anymore. And that that will be a problem because very often the first business is actually what's fuelling other business. It’s your financial security and everything.

And just stepping away from it and neglecting it is dangerous. You might miss some stuff, some big opportunities or big shifts in the market that can actually take your company down. Because you've got your eyes off the ball.

So you might be like, well, yeah, but what am I supposed to do? Do I need to stay there and just endure it and stuff? What's the other option? Because I don't want to just tell you the bad things that could happen.

So the best option, if you ask me, is, of course, if you're bored, the last thing I want you to do is to stagnate and stay in something where you're bored.

So if you really want to look into something else, what I recommend you do and this is what a lot of people don't do, there is one step that you need to take before which is to make sure that you have found a replacement for yourself that runs that business for you before you go out and start seeking something else.

Find someone that you can rely on to go and take care of that business so that it frees you to go look for other challenges. There's nothing wrong with having new challenges and stuff.

And I actually encourage it because this is how you grow every single day and this is how you get better. You acquire new skills and stuff, but you just have to do it right. Don't just forget about everything you've done and let it go to hell or take on too many projects at the same time.

Find someone or some machine if you’re able to automate the whole thing. And it works in your industry where automation could do everything for you, then obviously go ahead and do it.

But don't go out just because you're bored, taking on something else and without doing this crucial and lifesaving step.

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