FBC – 452 – This will step up your GAME

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This will step up your GAME.

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Are you winning at the game of life?

I mean when you look at your life and compare it with your former classmates or siblings, does it look like you are ahead?

See we are so concerned about being ahead in life that we might actually miss the obvious…

What game are we actually playing and what the rules of that game are?

Today we are going to explore this subject and debunk some myths about “the game”

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“Don’t be afraid to assert yourself, have confidence in your abilities and don’t let the bastards get you down.”
– Michael Bloomberg, founder Bloomberg L.P.

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FBC - 452 - This will step up your GAME 10

I wanted to talk to you about a concept that I wasn't necessarily familiar with in the sense that I couldn't put, like, actual words on it and some sort of structure.

So I was applying a little bit of that in my life, not necessarily putting a name or something on it and realizing how it could fit in the grand scheme of things.

But I recently I heard people talking about this in books. It is pretty interesting. So let me try to explain.

There are a lot of sports in this world. You have football, basketball, hockey, swimming, stuff like that. Right. And basically, in these sports there is a goal, right. There is a winner. There are some participants in there. And people have their opinion on what matters like, oh, well, the most important thing is to participate. Some people are all about winning and all that kind of stuff.

OK, and so we tend to take those rules that we see in sports, from everything else, I don't know, like business and stuff. And we put it in in sports. It's just an extension of the natural order of things. That's the word that I was looking for, the natural order of things, and it's just a representation of it.

So this was my belief for a lot of different things until I heard the difference between two things, between finite games and infinite games, which is something that I actually never considered and couldn't grasp because it felt like something I heard but I didn't understand.

But this is super important and I'm going to explain why. So I'm going to start with the final game. So these things that I told you about, tennis, football, rugby, whatever, all these sports, these are final games.

So what makes a final game? So a final game is this by definition there is a beginning, there is a middle and there is an end. So for example, in football, there is the whistle. Then you start and then there is a half. And then afterwards, after 90 minutes it is finished.

And by definition, at the end of the thing, then you'll have losers or winners, or a draw. But the results can be looked at and measured so that in the end there are winners and losers.

So the number of players is defined and both teams have the same number of players. So there's not a game where there's one player against five. Both teams are abiding by the same set of rules.

So in a final game, here's the thing. The goal is to win. So victory will give you this adrenaline rush and this like high surge of emotions that you'll be happy and all that kind of stuff. But basically what happens is that it doesn't last forever. So you just won the tournament.

And so you will have to fight and win again. It's a success or it's a failure.

OK, but this is when I get introduced to this notion of infinite games. So there was a part of it that I already integrated. I just thought I was special, but I wasn't.

The big difference with an infinite game and please listen to this, because that might solve a lot of problems that you have self-confidence and self-doubt in that kind of stuff. It's super important. Like infinite games have no rules.

There are no rules in an infinite game. There is actually no way to win. It's an infinite game. OK, so when I say there are no rules, there are no set rules that you have to observe, that everybody has to observe.

This will step up your GAME

So you're basically in an infinite game. You are you have your own rules and your next door neighbour has their own rules, OK? And when I say rules, that rule is based on who you are. So the rules of your life for basically the duration of your life.

Well, nobody has the same. So you're basically playing against yourself. You're not playing against anybody else. And the thing is, there is no end to this. The only thing you have to do is to keep playing.

So please try to understand this. This is very important. So in an infinite game, you know, again, as I said, there's no way to win. So there are no winners. There are no losers in your life. Right. In your life, the game of your life. There is no winner. There's no loser. You're the only one playing that stuff.

The only thing that matters to you is what’s in your lane. Because you're sitting in an infinite game. Right. There are an infinite number of players as a comparison to a finite game where, I don't know, basketball. You have five people. That's all you get right.

OK, so why am I saying this? Well, obviously there is a beginning because when you were born and when you die, this is not what I mean.

What I mean is some people can enter the game and exit the game at any time, any time of their convenience or so, and they will jump in with their own set of rules whenever they want, and they will leave with their own set of rules when they're ready to leave.

So, for example, in your life, you had periods where, I don't know, you were younger and you were hanging out with some of these folks.

So, well, at that point, if it's a player that actually left my game, you know, not that we're mad or anything. It's just that this happens. So my life continues. His life continues. Right. It's not like a football game where our paths, like, parted, then that's it, your game is over and that person doesn't move for the rest of your life.

No, the game continues for them. Game continues for me. And I'm going to tell you why I integrated that in my life, not necessarily knowing anything about finite games and all that kind of stuff. I didn't realize how big this thing was…………………………

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