FBC – 478 – This WILL be the most precious skill after covid.. Here’s why

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This WILL be the most precious skill after covid.. Here's why.

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FBC - 478 - This WILL be the most precious skill after covid.. Here's why 1     FBC - 478 - This WILL be the most precious skill after covid.. Here's why 2          FBC - 478 - This WILL be the most precious skill after covid.. Here's why 3         FBC - 478 - This WILL be the most precious skill after covid.. Here's why 4

Are you wondering what you should focus on to survive the COVID-19 crisis?

Let's face it, our economies will never be the same after this pandemic and if you want to survive, then you need to ADAPT.

Today, I am going to tell you about the one skill that I think you should have to come out on top.

I will explain why at the end of the episode (somewhere in the episode so no skipping)

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Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“When I’m old and dying, I plan to look back on my life and say ‘wow, that was an adventure,’ not ‘wow, I sure felt safe.’”
– Tom Preston-Werner, co-founder Github

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FBC - 478 - This WILL be the most precious skill after covid.. Here's why 5     FBC - 478 - This WILL be the most precious skill after covid.. Here's why 6  FBC - 478 - This WILL be the most precious skill after covid.. Here's why 7         FBC - 478 - This WILL be the most precious skill after covid.. Here's why 8


FBC - 478 - This WILL be the most precious skill after covid.. Here's why 9

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FBC - 478 - This WILL be the most precious skill after covid.. Here's why 10

I wanted to talk to you about automation and how little people know about automation and how I mean, it's fascinating to me, right? So, you know what? So I will explain because it can sound very like condescending or something. It's really not.

So, you know, you have a concept that's called the curse of knowledge. OK, so the curse of knowledge is when you have been doing something for so long that you will simply assume that everybody knows it.

And you forget how it was when you got started. OK, so I think I took this example recently of your first day at your job.

Do you remember that first day when you didn't know anything and everything was intimidating, it sounded complicated and all that kind of stuff. And well, slowly but surely you got some training and then you've worked at the company for so long that now everything is like second nature.

But the cycle continues. If someone joins your company, they will join in that same state that you were when you first joined. OK, you forget how it was. This is why you don't like teaching people stuff and being a coach and something like that. It’s really not easy.

And it can get very frustrating because you just think that people are idiots when in actual fact they're not. You were exactly the same when you started. So in addition to having a methodology or something like this, you also need a lot of patience.

So the reason why I'm saying this is because I have been doing automation for the longest time. OK, so I was talking to someone today and it was really funny because that person asked me about automation. This person has a physical business, OK? And they want to be able to work less on that business.

And, you know, by when you look at it, at first glance, it appears to be complicated because it involves involved and stuff. So he's trying to get out of it. And so I told him, you know what I do? This is what I do. I do a lot of things. I do this, I do that and all that kind of stuff, you know.

This WILL be the most precious skill after covid.. Here's why

How the hell do you know the stuff? You're not a millennial. How the hell do you know the stuff and all this like programming and everything? Because it looks like I'm programming stuff. I'm actually not right.

But it was funny because I told him, look. It's not a coincidence, because it's not luck, but it's just like two roads, two separate roads that will actually go the same way. And at some point they will just meet, you know, so you go left and then someone goes right. And in the end, since you're going the same way, it will meet at some point.

And this is what I told him. I said, look, I'm not a millennial. But what I have is a desire to make my life easier and that's what I'm doing. I'm trying to make my life easier and I'm trying to get stuff done without me.

So that means that I will stumble upon these things and I will try to apply these things in my life, not because of my age, but just because of my goal. My goal is that runs without me and that goal actually fuels me to go and actually look into that stuff that maybe you think only young people should know that.

There are a lot of things that we can automate for him, a lot of things. And it was it was funny because I've been in, like automation for so long that I just assumed that people knew that you can do some of these things.

So it was it was very interesting. But anyway, what I realized is people just assume that because they have a physical business and don't practice something like this, they cannot automate stuff. And it's wrong. You don't need to have an online business to be able to do automation.

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