My Most Trusted Resources

No matter where you are in your digital agency journey, there are amazing tools that can save you dozens of hours per week, automate key marketing activities, and save you thousands of dollars on pricey freelancers.

Know the right tools to use at the right stage of your marketing agency so that you don’t end up with a stack of expensive, unused software that collect digital dust while you wait for your annual account to run its course.

Stage One Tools

I'm new to the online agency world


Regardless, what kind of business or activity you want to start, you will need a website: There is simply no escaping it. Even if you only want to create a landing page, you need your own domain name. Having your domain name instantly brings you a higher level of credibility and will help you get contracts & deals with brands.

For your website to be visible on the internet, you need a hosting provider. I have extensively tested dozens of hosting providers and Bluehost came out on top in every single category (hands down).

I absolutely love their customer support, ease of use, and reliability. They gave me the best experience out of all providers for the best price. I couldn’t recommend them more. I use them myself for every single one of my websites. If there is ONE THING you need to do regardless the business, it is to get a hosting provider. When creating your account through this link you will, receive a free domain name and will be able to start your blog for ONLY $2.95 /month. Bluehost simply works like a charm guys, and for me it means peace of mind!

[Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.]

SUPER BONUS: When you buy through my link, I will send you my very own resource for finding the very best domain names to rank faster and easier on google. Thanks to this hidden gem, my websites generate far more passive income than normal.

Click Funnels

One of the tool has saved me and my team literally hundreds of hours and thousands of a month. Clickfunnels is the perfect tool to help you scale your business, by allowing you to create engaging and professional looking landing pages & funnels in no time.

Sales funnels are an incredibly powerful tool to laser target your audience at each stage of the customer lifecycle. Building funnels usually requires ton of expertise as well as ton of money because you need to hire expensive designers. With clickfunnels, you are one funnel away from your dream business. I can’t even begin to tell you how much sales funnels boosted my business. It’s absolutely insane. This is the reason why I highly recommend clickfunnels to anyone.


ConvertKit is a very powerful ESP (email service provider) with amazing automation capabilities at the best price. You can easily collect leads, send out automated emails or broadcasts. This is an ideal tool to grow your business in full automation without having to worry about the technical aspects.



Leadpages is a very user-friendly landing page & sales page creator. It’s incredibly easy to use can helps me create pages in minutes. The monthly subscription is lower than clickfunnels however building funnels is far more complicated. It is a very good alternative to ClickFunnels if you are just starting out and are limited in funds. You can start your 14 FREE TRIAL by clicking the link below.


Samcart is the most powerful shopping cart of them all. I was able in just a few minutes to 5X my conversion rate on one of my businesses. it went from 3% conversion rate to 15% conversion rate (on the checkout page). If you are interested in 5X your money (which I think you are) you should get started with Samcart. 14 DAY FREE TRIAL



The hardest part about making money online is not the technical aspect. Indeed there are a lot of tools that allow you to easily build your pages and sites. Finding the right offers that convert is a different story. If you are struggling to monetize your site, shareasale is the perfect solution! I send offers where I make up to $285 per click! You can join in FOR FREE by clicking on the link below. Don't wait



Want to use the power of WordPress combined with the ease of creating pages, funnels, membership sites in a matter of minutes? Then optimizepress is for you.

Take advantage of all the feature WITHOUT the monthly fees traditionally associated with landing page builders. Integrate your site with the major platforms and apps directly through optimizepress. You are protected by a 30 money back guarantee!

Up your WordPress game with optimizepress and start scaling your business today.

Expert Secrets

This is the book that changed everything for me! It gave me the structure and the clarity necessary to find my voice, build a mass movement and monetize my audience. This is a must read for anybody working online. Whether you are still thinking about starting, or you just started or even if you are an expert. This book gives you all the funnels and the treasure map to turn your dreams into a business and have ton of fun doing it.

Today you can get this book FOR FREE! This is a special offer. You only have to pay for shipping. Click on the link to order your copy and pave your way to success.



My #1 resource for themes, plugins, scripts or even photos for my website. Themeforest centralizes everything you would need for your site. Whether you are using a landing page builder, WordPress or even Shopify, you can find everything you need there. It’s definitely worth a look and it will save you a lot of time and hassle.


Fiverr is the go to place to get anything done for $5. The amount of things you can do there is insane: logos, jingles, video editing, voice overs. Anything you can think of can be found there. I really suggest you give it a try especially if you are just getting started and are on a limited budget


My whole business runs because of Dropbox! I couldn’t recommend it more. Dropbox allows me to share documents with my team, host my files, send links to my clients and work on the files from anywhere on the globe.

This is a tool that I use every single day and is worth 1000x what I pay for it. You can start with a free version of 2GB or upgrade to a pro version for 1TB for $99 per year.


Evernote is the single one repository for my brilliant ideas. I used to write down ideas left and right and always lost track of where I left the note…Well no more! This is a thing of the past. With Evernote, all my notes and synchronized between my devices so it doesn’t matter where I write the note on (my phone, my computer), I ALWAYS have it with me.

This saved me so many headaches and helped me finish countless projects.


Loom is the biggest time saver out of everything I use. It has already saved me thousands of hours that I would have lost typing emails. With loom, you simply press a button to record your screen, and when you are done, the video is ready to send. It even copies the URL of the video in the clipboard for you. It’s perfect for corresponding with my team, explain problems to a support staff, explain the specs of a development. This is my favorite tool. It’s free to use and you will immediately be seduced.


Similarweb is a very useful competition analysis tool. It allows you to instantly get a lot of information on any competitor website and reverse engineer their strategy. You can see the amount of visitors they have, the main countries they get traffic from, their main traffic channels, and even, in some cases, some of their ads.

I use this tool when I need to know something about a competitor website or a potential business partner. is a free service that helps me keep my inbox clean. Let’s face it, we all receive a few dozen emails a day and some of them take our attention away from what really matters to us. With, I solved that problem. This service only keeps in my inbox the emails I want to see and hides the rest in a specific folder.

I can bulk unsubscribe from lists I don’t want to receive emails from. A huge time saver for me. If you lose 30 minutes each day cleaning your inbox it’s 3.5 hours wasted each week on a non-revenue-generating task. Do you want to save time and be more efficient? Use


Canva is the easiest and most user-friendly design tool out there. It’s designed for people like me and you, who have no design skills but still want to be able to create quality graphics. It comes with a whole variety of ready to use templates and predefined formats for the main platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

This tool will save you a lot of money in design fees and once you get the hang of it, you will be able to create stunning designs in minutes.


Were you looking for a free alternative to the super expensive istockphotos? Well today is your lucky day. I personally use pixabay and it rocks! There are thousands of amazingly beautiful pictures I can download and use on my website without any license needed. I highly suggest you go check it out and bookmark it


Stage Two Tools

My digital agency already gained some traction

99 Designs

99designs is brought to you by the creators of basecamp (a collaboration tool). It is more expensive than fiverr BUT it’s not even comparable in terms of quality. With 99 designs, you have dozens of certified designers competing to win your project and each coming up with brilliant ideas. You only pay when you are satisfied.

Your branding is important guys, a beautiful logo conveys excellence, expertise, trust and it’s worth investing funds a good design if you are creating a brand you want to grow. I recommend you check the quality of the designs there, how knows you might find what you are looking for.


Shopify is for dropshipping what ClickFunnels is for funnels. It allows me to create beautiful looking and high converting store with ease & WITHOUT hiring a developer. Shopify allowed me to tap into a 2 billion dollar a year industry: E-commerce. Building a store in Shopify is super easy and using some of the hundreds of apps they have, you can fully automate your sales.

Today I have many stores, all running on Shopify and they generate thousands of dollars a month with ease. Today you can start ABSOLUTELY FREE FOR 14 DAYS and build your first store.


Ecomhunt is an amazing tool for anyone using Shopify and doing dropshipping. It allows you to identify the hottest products that are selling right now and simply add them to your store to make hundreds of sales.

This saves you thousands of dollars testing products and losing money on Facebook campaigns. I have been using this tool for a while and uncovered winning products in minutes.


The most powerful link creator tool out there. It ClickMagick allows me to create beautiful looking links for my campaigns and so much more. I can create split testing sequences and configure it to choose the best performing landing page on full automation.

It also helps me save hundreds of dollars in retargeting by blocking fake clicks (bots). Without this tool, you would retarget the bots to no avail. Each link can be customized with your own domain for branding and delivrability purposes.


Husmail is an email tool that allows me to create an unlimited number of email addresses in a matter of seconds. I can manage all my emails in a central location and helps me save an incredible amount of time.

In addition, all your emails are 100% secured and encrypted. If you are looking for a similar solution they look no more. Hushmail is what you need.


Mindmeister is where all my great ideas take shape. This mindmap tool allows me to easily create a visual representation of the project, funnel, website, development. This tool gives me so much more clarity guys. I used it to create this site and collaborate with my team member who was building the architecture.

If you have never used mindmaps, you are missing out on one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. I really urge you to look at this tool and start using it. There is a free version of the tool you can start playing with and where you can have 3 mindmaps maximum


Anchor is the easiest podcast platform out there. If you have been delaying your podcast for technical reasons, you don’t have any more excuses. The process is super easy: install the app, press record, put the phone next to your ear, when you are done, press stop. That’s it, you podcast is done. You get a high-quality sound already formatted and uploaded for you.

In addition to its ease of use, anchor will syndicate your podcast to 10 different platforms and help you expand your reach. This is the app I use to create my daily podcast (you should subscribe to). It has never been easier to create a podcast so start today.


IFTTT stands for If This Then That. This super fun application allows you to create “recipes” which are automations that will make your life easier. Examples of what you can create: If I like a photo / video on Instagram / Facebook, save it in a Dropbox folder. You can automate crazy stuff like the lights in your house.

There are existing recipes that were created by other people, which are available for you to use. Or if you are motivated enough you can create your own. The possibilities are endless and it’s ton of fun. I have a bunch of cool recipes running on my phone too.

Answer The Public

This is a godsend for all content creators. Have you ever suffered from the blank page syndrome when you don’t know what to write about? Answer the public is the answer to your prayers. It helps me find interesting subjects to talk or blog about in seconds.

Today, it is impossible for me to run out of subjects and helps my SEO. It’s absolutely free and you can start using it right now. I know that a lot of you content creators will absolutely love this tool.


Teamwork is my collaborative project management software of choice. It allows me to work efficiently with remote teams and make sure we deliver projects on time and at the best cost possible. I also use Teamwork as a central hub for all my files to make sure the whole team always has the most updated documents in hand.

Stage Three Tools

I want to scale my digital agency fast

WP Engine

WP Engine what I would call the next level for all WordPress users. This platform is solely devoted and optimized for WordPress and the result is simply amazing. My websites load in a blink of an eye, my website is replicated in 18 different locations around the globe to reduce loading time.

All the latest security updates are installed daily without me having to do anything and more importantly the support I get from their staff is second to none. If you are running WordPress and want to up your game, this is the service to go for.


I tried everything for years on Facebooks ads without making a single dollar (& losing thousands in ad spend). Sounds familiar? Well yes, this was me for a long time, UNTIL I discovered this suite of tools. They have literally transformed my Facebook game and I haven’t launched any unprofitable campaign since then.

This suite of tools allows you to automate and nail every aspect of Facebook ads: Targeting, retargeting, audiences and automation. Seriously guys, ever since the day I started using it, I haven’t run a single campaign without it. Check out the suite and start FINALLY cashing on Facebook.

Deadline Funnel

Deadline funnels allows me to add urgency to my marketing funnels and pages and sell far more in less time. This tool is based on a very simple principle: The closer a deadline is, the less time the consumer has to overthink.

This tool creates personalized deadlines for each user automatically. This helps generate more sales and scale your business faster. It even synchs the countdown timers across every device used by that user for more consistency. It’s a thing of beauty! You should watch the review video.

Vypr VPN

VPN is a very useful tool to see what google search results would look like for someone located in a different country. As far as the internet is concerned you are located in the same country as the VPN server you selected. Awesome for going around restrctions applied on countries

Benzinga Pro

When it comes to financial and trending news on companies and other financial institutions, all traders want to learn early. If you know what's happening in the financial and trading world every second, then you may make an informed decision about your business.

Incfile is my go-to option for anyone looking to incorporate a business (and who is serious about it). They offer world-class service, fast turnaround and great support. They are the perfect partner to get started in business

The all-in-one solution for your growing agency. Grow your agency more quickly and predictably. The one stop shop for everything you will ever need in your agency.

Freedom By Choice Podcast

In my podcast I will reveal everything I went through in my entrepreneurial life and more. My successes, my failures, best-kept-secrets and new strategies you can apply today to jumpstart your success.

I decided to create the most unique and unorthodox podcast out there with no editing, no lies, no fluff!  Just pure honesty, pure value, and ton of fun. Tune in and join my tribe of happy free spirits.


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